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March 20 - April 15, 2024

From March 20th to April 15th 2024, Ambrosiana Art Gallery is pleased to present "Donald Baechler. Concept is behind," the first Italian tribute show dedicated to the artist since his untimely death in April 2022.

The exhibition project is conceived by Andrea Poleschi and features a collection of about twenty works realized by Donald Baechler from 1990s up to the last years of his activity.

Thanks to the valuable collaboration of The Estate of Donald Baechler, this exhibition aims to analyse new aspects of Baechler's art, offering a fresh perspective on the artist's works: from the relationship between background and foreground to the conceptual nature of his works.

"Donald Baechler. Concept is behind" is the title of the exhibition; facing the artist's works, visitors are invited to look beyond, to uncover the ingenuity in the details of the background. Baechler asks us to make an effort, urging our eyes not to linger solely on the main subject of the work but to look beyond it. Thus, stretching our view, behind a golden tulip emerges the illustration of a trunk and a stylized iris. Behind an ice cream cone, we see caricature portraits. In this way, Baechler uses his work as an opportunity to narrate himself, integrating personal memories with elements of popular and everyday culture.

The exhibition, which will run from March 20th to April 15th 2024, will also coincide with the exciting Milan Art Week, scheduled from April 8th to 14th.

The project is accompanied by a bilingual catalogue (Italian-English), with a critical text by Rossella Farinotti, featuring reproductions of all the works exhibited.

Donald Baechler. Concept is behind
Helidon Xhixha, Getto di luce at Roma Arte in Nuvola
Piero Gilardi. Ecosistemi 1:1 


Valerio Adami. Nessun giorno senza linea


Antonio Pasciuti e le sue armonie

Pier Paolo Nudi. DUEMILA4ZERO7

Piero Gilardi. Natura espansa 

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